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Coaching comes in all forms and all prices, but one thing should be the most important...the connection from Coach to Client and Client to Coach. This is what Oros creator, Justin Walker, has valued the most in the 10 years he has been coaching. The connection is what makes a good relationship and allows the coach to really understand what is going on in each athlete's body, life and training.

Our Services

Coaching doesn't have to be inaccessible, begin the process below



Contact us

Send us an email. We want to hear what your goals are and if we are the right fit to help you attain those goals. Big goals require a well executed plan.


Set up a meeting

Setting up a meeting with Oros is easy but starts with a email. Coach Justin will either meet in person (Sailda, CO) or a Zoom/Teams meeting to dig deeper.


Begin coaching

After the meeting, coaching can begin in a few short days. The schedule and running log is done via a Google Sheet page so updates happen immediately.  Price is $100/month

Oros creater info

My name is Justin Walker and...

I've been coaching for 10 years now and have run over 100 races, 50+ of which have been ultras. Current FKT holder of the W-E crossing of Oklahoma. I've completed 12 events of 100 miles or greater but still regularly do track work. A well balanced athlete is one who will excel in life.

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